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About Us

Doctor adjusting female patientChiropractic Results for Muncie

I opened my practice in Muncie in 1988. I am from Ohio and was accustomed to a more rural area in which I grew up, and Muncie was the perfect size community for me.

Muncie Spine & Rehab is based upon the body’s unique innate ability to heal itself with the proper stimulus – chiropractic care. Many conditions can be traced back to improper nerve function and or dietary imbalances or poor nutrition. Restoring proper spinal function and alignment allows the nervous system to work properly, thus the body can stay at optimum health.

There Is Hope For Your Health

At Muncie Spine and Rehab we want to give people hope for their health conditions. We want to show them that their condition can be resolved without the use of medication or limiting their lifestyle and to return to their normal activities and lifestyles feeling better than ever!

Pain Relief Through Chiropractic Care

For sure the first thing everyone wants to know is, “how long until I am out of pain”. The answer is that everyone heals differently, or at different rates, but with proper care and nutritional advice the process can always be sped up.

In the future I hope to see people take care of themselves with consistent healthy lifestyle choices instead of symptom- based treatment and turn to chiropractic care. That would be a tremendous change from what the pharmaceutical companies teach us through television and print advertising. True wellness care.

Call now to learn more about chiropractic care and see if we can help you!

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