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New Patient Reviews

Steady Improvement And Reduction In Pain

I am an active 69 year old woman. I have felt steady improvement and reduction in pain from the first adjustment. I also noticed that it was easier for me to maintain good posture after the first visit. Dr. Moore and staff are friendly and willing to answer any and all questions. I also appreciate that time in the waiting room has always been under 5 minutes.

-Mary L.

Very Satisfied

I was very satisfied with the care I received. I visited with expectations of helping my pain, and the treatment I received was all of that plus more. I am so glad that I came to Muncie Spine and Rehab. Dr. John and the staff were wonderful!

-Lenella M.


Every person on staff that I have come across has been absolutely wonderful! Smiles, kind words, genuine concern to how I am progressing. Dr. Moore has been great and has helped my troubles tremendously. I couldn’t ask for a better experience for a “newby” like me!

-Marcy O.


To say I was impressed with the service is an understatement. I am a 54 year old man who has worked all his life and now am scared to death that it is over because of my back. I have seen a back doctor and a nerve doctor and was getting the run around for 3 months. Dr. Moore and his entire staff have given me some hope that the pain will be relieved. I am scared and this is a God sent gift to me to have someone try to help. I have given to others for so long and this is a very hard time for me to not be able to do what I have done before without pain. The professionalism of the doctor and his staff in the way I have been treated is far beyond what I have received by the other doctors I have seen. My personal doctor recommended this group to me and I am so glad he did. The Staff has helped not only with the problem but with insurance and billing questions with the medicare process. Again to say it in so many words “Thank God For You ALL” You are the best of the best.

-Paul T.